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Outfitters Kauai

Outfitters Kauai - Kipu Zipline Safari Tour
From: $235.00

Duration: 7 hours

Join Outfitters Kauai for kayaking, hiking, ziplines, waterfalls, rope swings, a hayride across Kipu Ranch and a ride on an exotic motorized canoe.

Outfitters Kauai offers perhaps the fastest of the zip-lines in the state. They also are among the most unique in terms of how it is done. Would you like to jump off your starting platform backwards, flip upside down in mid-air or be launched at the same time from a separate but parallel Kauai zipline cable with your partner or friend?

The guides at Outfitters Kauai go out of their way to make your adventure as fun as it can be and are CPR and First Aid certified as are all the Kauai Zipline Tours such as Kauai Backcountry Adventures. And the fun's not over when you finish ziplining. With some of Outfitters Kauai's activities such as the Kauai Outfitters Safari, you also hike, canoe, and even take a covered wagon ride. There is also kayaking involved. If you are just interested in kayaking then you should check out Kauai that is offered by Hawaii Discount that offers only the best Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours. Now back to the tour! You're then taken to what may be one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island for a swim if you decide to do so and even take a spectacular rope swing launching off a 20 foot cliff. Taking one of the Outfitters Kauai Zipline tours will prove to be one of the most fun experiences of your Hawaii vacation.